St Stephen Protomartyr

St Stephen Protomartyr Parish
Phone: (847) 824-2026/ Fax:(847) 824-3842
Parish Office: 1880 Ash St. 60018
Church: 1280 Prospect Ave
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Faith Formation
Religious Education

The family also has a privileged place in catechesis. The Catechism states that "parents receive the responsibility of evangelizing their children" and calls them the "First heralds" of the faith (2225). The family is called “domestic church”—the church of the home (CCC 2224).

In light of the above quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, St Stephen Protomartyr parish has taken a "Home School" approach to religious education. Using the Our Sunday Visitor "Alive in Christ" program as our text, we have devloped a program with the parents teaching their children for the first three weeks of the month and then coming together at church for the fourth week. The children then meet with other catechists while the parents discuss any problems they might have encountered. The parents are also given some catechetical preparation on the next month's subject at the session. Please call the parish center for more information - (847) 824-2026.

Sacramental preparation is also presented in the program as follows:
            Eucharist and Reconciliation - Grades 1 & 2
Confirmation - Grades 7 & 8
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