St Stephen Protomartyr

St Stephen Protomartyr Parish
Phone: (847) 824-2026/ Fax:(847) 824-3842
Parish Office: 1880 Ash St. 60018
Church: 1280 Prospect Ave
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Garden Club

Garden Club

A Garden Ministry – Honor and Glory to God Parish and Community Pride
Communicate with God through Nature.

If you like gardening, or just like to putter in the soil, this is the ministry for you.

Who Are We Looking For?

Because the parish grounds are so large, help is always needed to keep its landscape in tip-top condition. This can be an individual, family, or group project…for the young or old.

How Does It Work?

The parish grounds are divided into many small sections. You simply pick a section you’d like to garden or simply care for.
Your own choice!
Your own size!
At Your own pace!
Your own choice of plantings!
Your own creativity!
Time Commitment
There are no schedules or meetings! You simply plant, water and weed at your own pace! No expertise is needed. Exercise and beauty! Communicate with God through Nature. Be part of our garden ministry. Be involved!

For More Information:
Call the Office at 847-824-2026 or inquire here.
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