St Stephen Protomartyr

St Stephen Protomartyr Parish
Phone: (847) 824-2026/ Fax:(847) 824-3842
Parish Office: 1880 Ash St. 60018
Church: 1280 Prospect Ave
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Hand Mades is a group of ladies from St. Stephen Parish who have been meeting every week for eleven years to create useful items from fabrics and yarns. These are donated to various charities. We make Baptismal garments for St. Stephen parish. Many afghans have been made and given to Veterans hospitals, the Women's Center, Misercordia, Des Plaines Pantry and other charities.

We are working with Sacred Heart Parish in Wilmette to help the people in Haiti by making dresses for needy Haitian women and children. Another project is making sleeping mats for the homeless.

We are always looking for new members. We meet every week on Thursday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 in the Parish Center. If you cannot come to our meetings but want to help, please phone Betty at 847-824-9693 or Avila at 847-296-1206. Donations of yarn and fabric are always appreciated. Please bring them to the Parish Center.
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